Why I love Facebook(again) - The technical parts

For about 1.5 years ago I removed my Facebook-profile because I felt that I've lost the contact with my friends. Also, my feed was pretty much spammed with content from pages I've "liked" over the years.

I actually lost several friends when I removed my Facebook and in the beginning it was hard, but after a few months everything felt so much better and I even preached to my friends that they also should remove theirs Facebook-profile too because it would make them feel better and more focused.

I don't like the concept of Facebook either. Everything you do is saved forever, you can't completly remove your profile, they collect massive information about you, a perfect source of information about you and so on. Facebook is one of our worst privacy enemies but that's not what I will write about in this blog post.

The best parts about Facebook

When I left Facebook there wasn't much security features nor privacy settings that impressed me. Sure there was 2 factor authentication a list of devices which you are logged in with, but no more than that.

A week ago I created my Facebook-profile and checked the settings for things to tweak. I was surprised. I mean really surprised over the features and settings I found. Here's what got my attention:

  • Ability to get your emails PGP-encrypted
  • Offer an official onion-adress
  • Login alerts(email or SMS when logged in from a new device)
  • Secondary email
  • Preload-HPKP(certificate pinning)

Nothing of the above matters

Both yes and no. Even if Facebook implements good security and privacy features they will still be really bad at respecting our privacy but I do like that Facebook is trying to do the best of the situation.

Most of these features is to protect the user from getting their accounts compromised, most because people nowadays have their whole life on Facebook pretty much.

So I will give Facebook a +1 for actually trying.