RelayAwards - Competition for Tor-operators!

RelayAwards is an ongoing competition for all public Tor-relays. The competition is between Tor relay operators where each relay wins certain awards based on the different requirements that award has. Some awards are easy to earn because they require the operator to do simple tasks such as using 80 in DirPort and/or ORport, but some awards require time and a good amount of server power. Example of such awards is having an one year uptime or having more than 25 Mb/s in bandwidth.

Why RelayAwards?

We wanted to build something that may help motivate people to run relays. Competition is a way of motivating people because you can more easily set up goals and try to reach them.

How does it work?

It's simple, you host a Tor relay! Read about the different awards and try to reach as many as possible. Every awards has points based on how hard that awards is to earn. The more points you have, the hhigher in the leaderboards you will climb! Compete against your friends or family, or try to become the best relay in your country! You can search on 2-letter ISO countries, e.g

About the website and code

Coded in PHP and uses Onionoo API. No tracking or javascript required and no logging on the server. An onion is also provided, just visit in Tor Browser and you'll be redirected to our onion! Or you can visit it directly: http://relaynhjfhqigvmm.onion