VulkanVegas Casino Review

200% up to €2,000 and 50 extra spins

Started in 2021, VulkanVegas Casino was a new online casino owned and operated by Brivio Limited, a famous online gambling business based in Westchester County, New York. The design is straightforward yet clean, resembling some type of mashup between comic books and action movies. In a word, it looks like a cross between an online casino and a classic slots game. And it’s fun!

During my review of VulkanVegas Casino, I got to see a few nice features that set it apart from other online casinos in the same category. Among these features were its welcome bonus, its big “thriller” slot machines, and the wide selection of games. The welcome bonus was a surprise, giving players free spins on four different games. They range from slots to video poker, so this was a good selection for someone who enjoyed those games.
Another good selection of games was the “best buy” slots machine I have ever seen.


Customer support on the site is very good

customer support in VulkanVegas Casino

In my review of VulkanVegas, I didn’t really get to try out this particular machine, but the reviews on the site give a good impression of what I think of it. It gave players a good selection of their favorite games and a welcome bonus of $5.00. Considering that most casinos don’t give out free bonuses, this was an excellent offer to take advantage of.

Which bodes well for people trying to play this game on the go. The “live chat” feature is available seven days a week at any time. The service is prompt, helpful, and professional. It even offered me a few tips on my first few spins using my new card. And, considering that most online casinos do not allow players to spin more than two cards at a time, it was pretty useful information.

Another good thing about VulkanVegas Casino was that it offers many online casino bonuses, some good, some not so good. The welcome bonus consisted of 100 free spins on four of the games I mentioned above. That left me with only one card to play–the jackpot. But I couldn’t let myself lose! I didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun!

Unfortunately, after the welcome offer expired, the downside of this site became apparent. There were only four slots available from which to start, and there were no red bonus icons on the games for the remaining four slots. I suppose this is a necessary sacrifice for the small player, but still, it’s a disappointment.


VIP Programs in VulkanVegas Casino

VIP Programs

Fortunately, there are a few nice options for players who want a little more money to bet. First, there’s the VIP program, which I haven’t used but, judging from the games I’ve observed, does give players a nice advantage in terms of bonus deposits.

However, players must also have a minimum deposit to activate the bonus deposit feature, and it seems that those who do have a minimum deposit will likely have to wait a while for their bonus deposits to post. The best option for players looking to make a bigger initial deposit is to try out the fifty free spins option, which I found out about a year ago and am using to replace my credit card bankroll.

In conclusion, VulkanVegas Casino definitely has some nice features to boast about. However, players will need to be willing to make a larger initial deposit to get the best bonuses. Otherwise, they may find themselves dissatisfied with the features and games offered at this online casino. I know that a couple of friends of mine have had difficulty receiving their deposit bonuses on many of these sites, so hopefully, this information will help you in finding a reliable casino to hang out at full-speed.

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